Irish282 & the YTV Expose the Yahweh Clan at Work

Irish282 & the YTV Expose the Yahweh Clan at Work

Hate groups on YouTube will attack anyone they can, of any age. Disabled, emotionally fragile, and ill people are not immune from their sick games.

Yahweh Clan member NOTLLMTE, is called the “Master of epilepsy” by Encyclopedia Dramatica. He mostly tries to interact with disabled people and manipulate them.

Other members are attracted to depressed or suicidal people, and becomes very excited about anything having to do with the subject of death.

Yahweh Clan members are also members of the website Encyclopedia Dramatica, where terms like “ChairFags” and “Retards” are used to refer to the disabled, and Children with Aspergers Syndrome are called “AssPies”.

They call handicapped people “Mong” (short for Mongoloid). They have posted sick videos about this on YouTube.

There is nothing new about any of this. YouTube has the ability to stop this, but has not.

For a history of the Yahweh Clan hate group:

If you are being stalked or harassed, Irish282 has videos that show you how to report abusive videos and users:
Irish282 also has some logged videos on this subject posted by others that may be of interest.

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