Thor468 on Logansperman2, Irish282, TBD1000 and Reporting Hate

Thor468 on Logansperman2, Irish282, TBD100 and Reporting Hate

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Thor468 (2 hours ago)
Don’t be tricked by lies from haters. Logansperman2, Irish282, TBD1000 and other YTV members have been reporting Yahweh Clan activities for the last 2 years.

More than 200 Yahwh Clan accounts have been suspended for threats, harassment, and offensive comments. Hundreds of their hate videos, mostly using the stolen photos & videos of children have been removed by YouTube.

Their activities of their members have been reported to the police, the FBI, and Interpol.

They use their site, EncyclopediaDramatica to spread lies, and provide a means of harassing others, many of them children with YouTube accounts that they have been stalking.

They are placing kids at risk by posting personal information about them: names, phone numbers, addresses, stolen family photos & videos, email addresses, screen captures, links to personal sites, MySpace, Stickam, & YouTube Accounts. They excuse this as “posting public information”.


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